What is Acupressure?


Acupressure is based on traditional Chinese medicine concepts that have helped heal animals and humans for more than 3000 years.

What does Acupressure do?


An injury can cause a disruption in the flow of blood.  Using Acupressure points can help re-establish the flow of blood through an injured area thus creating the healing environment,  The movement of blood through the damaged tissue helps distribute the nutrients the body needs to heal quickly and well.

What can Acupressure help?


Here is some of the conditions Acupressure can help.

Arthritic Conditions

Hip Dysplasia

 Muscle Soreness

Lower Back Pain

GI Issues

Behavior Problems

Sensory Improvement

Massage & Bodywork


Massage can help do a number of things to help the body.  

Some things include;

Increasing circulation & oxygenation to the cells of the body

Improve Socialization

Increase flexibility & range of motion

Stimulate the immune system

Decrease pain, soreness, & stiffness

Improve muscle funtion

What can Massage Help?


Many conditions can be helped from massage and body work.  Some of those include;

Neck & Back Injuries

Orthopedic Diseases

Sports Injuries


Post-op Healing 


Behavior Issues

Hospice Care

What is Kinesiology?


Kinesiology is the study of how muscles act and coordinate in the body.  It's based on the science of energy balancing and combines a range of gentle but powerful techniques.  It has many uses but some things are;


Sports Injuries


Muscle Pain

Respiratory Issues

Equine Massage

We now have added Equine Massage to our list of services.

We will soon be adding more to our list of services.  Please check back for more information.